Book of Saints – Malo


(Machutus, Maclou) (Saint) Bishop (November 15) (7th century) Of Welsh descent, but it is uncertain whether he was born in Wales or in Brittany. He seems to have been brought up in the monastery of Saint Cadoc at Llancaryan, and, when ordained priest, to have passed into Brittany with a band of Welsh missionaries. He settled at a place called Aleth, of which he is recognised as the first Bishop. For a time he was banished from his Diocese and found a welcome awaiting him from Saint Leontius, Bishop of Saintes. He returned to Aleth, his presence being insisted upon by his people; but, feeling his end draw near, he set out again to visit his friend Saint Leontius. He died on the journey at a place called Archembray, about A.D. 630. The greater part of his remains were translated to Saint Malo. In his Life, written by the monk Sigebert of Gemblours, very many miracles are related as wrought by him.

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