Book of Saints – Louis IX

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(Saint) King of France (August 25) (13th century) The Saint of whom the freethinkers, Gibbon and Voltaire, say: “He united the virtues of a King to those of a Hero and to those of a Man.” And “Never has it been accorded to man to push virtue further.” Born near Paris, A.D. 1215, he succeeded his father, Louis VIII, under the Regency of his mother, Blanche of Castile, in A.D. 1226. He reigned for forty-four years, more austere and more prayerful than a Religious in his private life, an energetic ruler but considerate of his people, and above all “hungering and thirsting after justice” in the discharge of his public duties. He married Marguerite of Provence and, through their son, Philip, the Royal House of France was perpetuated. The Kings of England also are by the female line descendants of Saint Louis. Saint Louis was the last of the Crusaders and led two expeditions against the Infidels, in the second of which he died of dysentery, before Tunis, August 25, A.D. 1270. His relics enshrined at Paris were destroyed in the Revolution (A.D. 1793).

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