Book of Saints – Leo IX


(Saint) Pope (April 19) (11th century) A cousin of the Emperor Conrad the Salic, born in Alsace, and in Baptism named Bruno. He was brought up by Berthold, the learned Bishop of Toul, and succeeded him in that See (A.D. 1026). As Bishop he revived discipline among the clergy and reformed many monasteries. On the death of Pope Damasus II (A.D. 1048) he was constrained against his own will to accept the Headship of the Church, and took with him to Rome, as his spiritual adviser, Hildebrand, the future Saint Gregory VII. As Pope he combated simony, then rife in Europe; and formally condemned the heresy of Berengarius on the Eucharist. Notwithstanding all his efforts, he was unable to hinder the consummation of the Greek Schism then being brought about by Michael Cserularins. He was busy pacifying Benevento, a city belonging to the Holy See, when he was taken prisoner by the Normans and held for a year in captivity. On his return to Rome, broken down and enfeebled, at the early age of fifty-two, he breathed forth his holy soul before the High Altar in Saint Peter’s, April 19, A.D. 1054. He has left some writings, the most notable of which is his Apology for the Latin Church against the Greeks.

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