Book of Saints – Leo I, the Great

[Pope Saint Leo the Great]Article

(Saint) Pope, Doctor of the Church. (April 11) (5th century) A Roman by birth and Archdeacon of the Holy City under Popes Saint Celestine and Sixtus III. On the demise of the latter (A.D. 440) he was elected Pope. He repressed the Manichaeans and insisted (against the custom already establishing itself) that they should partake of the Chalice at Holy Communion. He also crushed the last vestiges of Pelagianism in Italy. But his great achievement was the Oecumenical Council of Chalcedon (A.D. 451), summoned by him, which gave its deathblow to the heresy of Eutyches, who denied that Christ was truly man. By himself bravely seeking out Attila the Hun, Pope Leo saved Rome from destruction; and soon after also succeeded in mitigating the horrors of the sack of the city by the hordes of Genseric the Vandal. Saint Leo died April 11, A.D. 461, and rests in Saint Peter’s. More than a hundred of his eloquent sermons are still extant.

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