Book of Saints – Julie Billiart

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(Blessed) Virgin (April 8) (19th century) Foundress of the Institute of the Sisters of Notre Dame of Namur. Born in Picardy (A.D. 1751) of a middle-class family, she as a child showed great signs of piety and sought to inspire her companions with the love of virtue. At the age of fourteen she took a vow of chastity, and gave herself up to the service and religious instruction of the poor. Soon her health completely broke down, and she remained a helpless cripple until miraculously cured in A.D. 1804. During the troubled times of the great French Revolution (A.D. 1794) pious friends gathered round her couch seeking to give a permanent shape to their works of charity. The Institute of Notre-Dame took form at Amiens in A.D. 1804. Its scope is the Christian education of girls. Blessed Julie met with much opposition; but steadfast in her confidence in God, succeeded in establishing her Institute, of which she chose Namur in Belgium as the centre. When she died (April 8, A.D. 1816) her work had taken firm root both in France and Belgium, whence it soon spread to England, America and other countries. She was beatified by Pope Pius X, A.D. 1906. The Rules and Constitutions of the Sisters had long before been approved by Pope Gregory XVI.

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