Book of Saints – Hyacintha of Mariscotti

detail of a painting of Sainte Giacinta Marescotti; Domenico Corvi, late 18th century; swiped from Wikimedi CommonsArticle

(Saint) Virgin (January 30) (17th century) A lady of Viterbo (Central Italy), born A.D. 1585, who though eager to contract marriage and to enjoy a worldly life, could not find a suitable husband and, at the age of twenty, joined the Third Order of Saint Francis in a convent at Viterbo. Here, unhappily, for the space of ten years, she led a life of great tepidity, until an illness which brought her to the point of death wrought a salutary change in her. Thenceforth she gave herself to God. The penances in particular she practised are almost incredible. Her humility led her to rejoice in any sort of ill-treatment which befell her. Her prayers and good counsel converted many sinners. Almighty God bestowed upon her the gift of miracle-working to aid her in her efforts for the salvation of souls. She passed away after twenty-four years of penance (A.D. 1640), and is venerated as the Patron Saint of Viterbo. She was beatified in 1726, and canonised in 1807.

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