Book of Saints – Hugh of Cluny


(Saint) Abbot (April 29) (12th century) A scion of the sovereign house of Burgundy, educated by his great-uncle, the Bishop of Auxerre, Hugh entered the monastery of Cluny under Saint Odilo, and made his religious profession at the age of sixteen (A.D. 1039). He succeeded Saint Odilo in 1049, though then only twenty-five years old. Under him, in concert with his friend, Pope Saint Gregory VII, the great Benedictine Reform of Cluny attained to the apogee of its splendour and usefulness, subjecting, or influencing to their good, numerous monasteries throughout Western Europe. Hugh was perhaps the first “Father General,” in the modern sense, of a Religious Order in the Latin Church. He built at Cluny the stately Abbey Church, the most spacious at that period in Christendom, and died full of merits A.D. 1109 at the age of eighty-five.

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