Book of Saints – Hippolytus of Porto

detail of the central panel of the triptych of Saint Hippolyte by Dieric Bouts and Hugo van der Goes, c.1470, featuring his martyrdom; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

(Saint) Bishop, Martyr (August 22) (3rd century) Many and contradictory are the accounts given of this Saint Hippolytus. That traditionally accepted is to the effect that he was an Arabian by birth, a disciple of Saint Irenseus, or, which is more probable, of Clement of Alexandria; that coming to Rome he was by Pope Saint Callistus made Bishop of the neighbouring little town of Porto; and that he was put to death by drowning in the reign of Alexander Severus (A.D. 222-A.D. 235). A Paschal Cycle, or table for calculating the date of Easter, and other works, mostly now lost, came from his pen; and Saint Jerome, with others of the Fathers, are loud in his praises. The attempts made to father upon him the heretical Treatise entitled “Philosophoumena” (written in the third century and recovered in 1842), have altogether failed; and the theory that he was at one time a Novatian, or even an Anti-Pope, is equally baseless. The modern speculations about him literally fill volumes, but the views advanced are, to say the least, purely conjectural.

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