Book of Saints – Hippolytus, Concordia and Others

detail of the central panel of the triptych of Saint Hippolyte by Dieric Bouts and Hugo van der Goes, c.1470, featuring his martyrdom; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

(Saints) Martyrs (August 13) (3rd century) The Roman tradition, set forth in the Breviary Lections and Martyrology, has it that this Saint Hippolytus was a Roman baptised by Saint Laurence. Tried thereupon for his life before the Emperor Valerian (A.D. 254-A.D. 259) in person, he was sentenced to be torn in pieces by wild horses as in the myth was his namesake, the son of Theseus. After Saint Hippolytus, suffered his old nurse Concordia and nineteen other Christians, who were beheaded outside the Porta Tiburtina (Tivoli Gate) of Rome and buried together in the neighbouring Ager Veranus (now the Cemetery of San Lorenzo). Some moderns make of Saint Hippolytus a priest of great age, a convert from Novatianism; others confuse him with Saint Hippolytus, Bishop of Porto (August 22); but into these controversies it is not needful here to enter.

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