Book of Saints – Hilarion

[Saint Hilarion of Gaza]Article

(Saint) Abbot (October 21) (4th century) One of the best known Palestinian Solitaries. Born near Gaza of Pagan parents, about A.D. 292, while quite young, he sought and received Baptism, and afterwards repaired to visit Saint Antony in Egypt. On his return to Palestine, finding his parents dead, he distributed his whole fortune to the poor and retired into the wilderness on the borders of Egypt, being even then only fifteen years old. From that time till his death at the age of eighty, he practised most severe abstinence, eating only each day a few herbs and a small piece of bread. Overcoming the Evil One in many a hard fight, he was graced in an eminent degree with the gift of miracles, more especially for the deliverance of those obsessed by the devil. Disciples soon flocked around him, and he then founded many monasteries in various parts of Palestine. In A.D. 357 he visited the tomb of Saint Antony, who had just passed away, and afterwards, to escape from the crowds who continually thronged about him seeking the cure of their maladies, he kept travelling from country to country. He visited Egypt, Sicily, Dalmatia, and finally Cyprus, where he died A.D. 371. Saint Hilarion is commemorated annually in the Liturgies of both the Eastern and the Western Churches.

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