Book of Saints – Hermiland

statue of Saint Hermeland; date unknown, artist unknown; Church of Saint-Hermeland de Sottevast, Manche, Brittany, France; photographed on 1 August 2013 by Xfigpower; swiped from Wikimedia Commons; click for image sourceArticle

(Hermenland) (Saint) (March 25) Abbot (8th century) Born of noble parents at Nimeguen in Holland, or, as others assert, at Noyon in North-Eastern France, he was brought up as a page at the Court of Clotaire III (A.D. 656-A.D. 670). When arrived at man’s estate he entered the monastery of Fontenelle, and, having been ordained priest, was sent to Nantes, where he built a monastery in the Island of Aindre in the Loire. Of this he was made Abbot, and presided over it for many years. His death is usually dated A.D. 720. He became famous for his numerous miracles, and is still in great popular veneration.

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