Book of Saints – Hedwig

[Saint Hedwig of Andechs]Article

(Hedwigis) (Saint) Widow (October 17) (13th century) Of princely race and daughter of a Duke of Dalmatia, Saint Hedwig was married, when only a child, to Henry, Duke of Silesia, to whom she bore six children. Later, by mutual consent, they separated to lead lives of greater religious perfection, though Saint Hedwig never ceased to aid and comfort her husband in the many political troubles which beset him. She survived him for fifteen years, which she passed in the practice of the severest penance in the monastery of Treibnitz, near Cracow, her only solace being her devoted ministering to the poor and afflicted. She passed away October 15, 1243, at the age of sixty-nine, and was canonised A.D. 1267 by Pope Clement IV.

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