Book of Saints – Gregory X

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(Saint) Pope (January 10) (13th century) One of the Visconti, an illustrious Italian family, and born at Piacenza. Theobald, the future Pope Gregory X, had given himself up to a life of study when he was appointed Archdeacon of Liege (Belgium), and charged with the preaching of the last Crusade. In the Holy Land, whither he had betaken himself, he received (A.D. 1271) the news of his election to the Papacy. The five years of his Pontificate were made memorable by the celebration of the great Oecumenical Council of Lyons, attended by over five hundred Bishops. A solemn, though unhappily not lasting, Union of the Greek and Latin Churches was there effected. The holy Pontiff died February 16, A.D. 1276, at Arezzo in Tuscany, on his way back to Rome.

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