Book of Saints – Gregory VII

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(Saint) Pope (May 25) (11th century) One of the most famous of the successors of Saint Peter. Born before A.D. 1020 of poor parents in Tuscany, and educated in Rome, Hildebrand (for so he was named at his Baptism) embraced the Religious state at Cluny in France. Pope Saint Leo IX, who knew him there, recalled him to Rome to become Abbot of Saint Paul’s and his own councillor; and as such he continued to act under Saint Leo’s successors. He was Archdeacon of Rome when elected (A.D. 1073) to succeed Pope Alexander II. The great evils of his time were the prevalent vice of simony, and the usurpation of authority in spirituals by temporal rulers. Gregory’s firmness in withstanding the one and the other, his battling with Henry IV of Germany, the humiliation of the latter at Canossa, the renewed conflict leading to the disastrous intervention of Robert Guiscard and the Normans, form an important episode in the history of Mediaeval Europe. Tn the end, the Church emerged victorious from the struggle. But Saint Gregory himself passed away a fugitive at Salerno near Naples with on his lips the words: “Forasmuch as I have loved justice and hated iniquity, therefore do I die in exile.” (May 25, A.D. 1085.)

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