Book of Saints – Gregory II

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(Saint) Pope (February 13) (8th century) Roman-born and educated at the Papal Court, Saint Gregory II became a Benedictine monk, and was made Librarian or Archivist of the Roman Church. He succeeded Pope Constantine (A.D. 715) and, during his Pontificate of sixteen years, initiated the conversion of Germany, by despatching thither as missionaries Saints Boniface and Corbinian. He boldly opposed the outbreak of Iconoclasm under Leo the Isaurian, and successfully resisted the aggression of King Luitprand and his Lombards, restoring likewise many churches and monasteries (among them the Abbey of Monte Cassino) destroyed by these Barbarians. Saint Gregory frustrated several attempts of the Eastern Emperor to seize or even murder him, and passed away in peace, February 10, A.D. 731. He was (writes Anastasius Bibliothecarius) ” a man, pure in life, learned in Holy Scripture, eloquent of speech, and of resolute will.”

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