Book of Saints – Fructuosus

Saint Fructuosus of BragaArticle

(Saint) Bishop (April 16) (7th century) This renowned Spanish Saint was a prince of the Royal blood of the Visigoth kings, who on the death of his parents left the world which it had been long his desire to do, and, after first seeking instruction from the Bishop of Palentia, sold his patrimony and gave the greater part of the proceeds to the poor. With the remainder he built several monasteries, one especially at Complutum or Alcala, which grew into the great Abbey of Complutum. He was chosen Abbot, but after a time resigned his charge and sought the wilderness. At length he was recalled to be Bishop of Dunium, and A.D. 656 was appointed Archbishop of Braga. He died A.D. 665, having according to his own request been laid upon ashes before the Altar.

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