Book of Saints – Frigidian


(FRIDIAN, FINNIAN) (March 18) (Saint) Bishop (6th century) Said to have been the son of a King of Ulster in Ireland. Travelling in Italy to improve himself in Ecclesiastical learning, on the death of Geminian, Bishop of Lucca, he was chosen to succeed him. He worked many miracles, and Saint Gregory the Great said that by his prayers the impetuous flood of the River Anser (Serchio) was stopped. He died A.D. 578 (or, as some say, A.D. 589); and was buried near Lucca, where a church now stands bearing his name, and where his festival is kept on Nov. 18, the anniversary of one of the translations of his relics (either that of A.D. 782 or that of A.D. 1152).

MLA Citation

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