Book of Saints – Francis of Paula

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(Saint) (April 2) (16th century) Saint Francis, born in Calabria of poor parents (A.D. 1416), retired at the age of fourteen to a solitary cave on the seashore, and was joined by two other pious youths. Seventeen years later his followers had become so numerous that it was found necessary to build for them a large church and convent. They fasted all the year round, and led a life of continual prayer. In its beginnings the Rule (approved A.D. 1474) allowed for only one priest in each convent. The Brethren styled themselves ” Minims ” (Least), looking upon theirs as the lowest of Religious Orders. It quickly developed, spreading over Italy and France. To the latter country Saint Francis himself was sent at the request of King Louis XI, at whose penitent deathbed he assisted. Kings Charles VIII and Louis XII insisted on the Saint’s remaining near them, and he died in France (A.D. 1508), at the age of ninety-two. He was canonised eleven years later. His relics were destroyed by the Huguenots later in the same century.

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