Book of Saints – Flavian of Constantinople


(Saint) (February 18) Bishop Martyr (5th century) The brave Prelate who succeeded Saint Proclus at Constantinople. In A.D. 447 he enraged Chrysaphius, favourite of the Emperor Theodosius, by refusing him the customary bribe on his accession to the See, and much more by strenuously denouncing the heresy of Eutyches, the favourite’s kinsman. Saint Flavian was by the intrigues and violence of the followers of the latter maltreated and banished at the false Council of Ephesus (A.D. 449), dying a short time later of the ill-usage he had received. The Emperor Martian with the Empress Saint Pulcheria caused his relics to be brought back solemnly to Constantinople, and the Fathers of Chalcedon formally proclaimed his sanctitv (A.D. 451).

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