Book of Saints – Felix of Valois

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FELIX of VALOIS (Saint) (November 20) (13th century) Saint Felix of the Royal House of Valois, born A.D. 1127, after having for some time led a most austere life as a hermit in a forest near Meaux, became with Saint John of Matha the Founder of the Trinitarian Order (still existing), of which the scope was the great work of charity of that age, the freeing of the Christian captives held in slavery by the Moors of Spain and North Africa. Pope Innocent III confirmed the new Institute, and Saint Felix lived to see as many as six hundred of its houses begun. He died at Cerf-Froid, his old hermitage, November 4, A.D. 1212, having shortly before been comforted by a vision of Our Lady, wearing the Trinitarian habit.

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