Book of Saints – Felicittas

[Saint Felicity of Rome]Article

FELICITTAS (Saint) Martyr (November 23) (2nd century) This holy widow, distinguished above all the Roman Matrons of her time for her piety and charity, had seven sons, together with whom she was arrested and tried as a Christian before the Emperor Antoninus Pius in Pome, about A.D. 165. Having encouraged her children to sacrifice their lives cheerfully for Christ, she, her spirit of Faith overcoming the natural tenderness of her mother’s heart, witnessed the sufferings by which they merited their crowns of martyrdom. She followed them five months later, being beheaded as a Christian, November 23, A.D. 165. She has since been commemorated throughout the Catholic Church on that day. The Feast of her seven martyred sons is kept on July 10.

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