Book of Saints – Eustachius of Samosata


EUSTACHIUS Bishop of Samosata from A.D. 361, this Syrian Saint was loved and venerated throughout the East. Especially devoted to him was the great Saint Basil. Not only zealous but skillful in doing his part in the struggle against the Arians, it was not until A.D. 374 that they succeeded in driving Saint Eusebius into exile. He was banished into Thrace, but recalled four years later by the Emperor Gratian. He had always longed to give his life for Christ as a Martyr; and in fact his death came about, A.D. 379 (or perhaps A.D. 380) by the act of an Arian woman who threw down a heavy tile from the roof of a house on his head. His last word was to beg that she might be pardoned both by God and by man.

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