Book of Saints – Eugenius, Salutaris, Muritta and Others


EUGENIUS, SALUTARIS, MURITTA and OTHERS (Saints) Martyrs (July 13) (6th century) The entry in the Roman Martyrology regarding these Saints is as follows: “In Africa, the holy confessors, Eugenius, Bishop of Carthage, renowned for his Faith and his virtues, and all the clergy of that Church to the number of five hundred or more (among them being many young boys who ministered as Lectors or Readers). In the persecution under the Arian Hunneric, King of the Vandals, they were scourged and starved, and at last (rejoicing always in the Lord) driven into banishment. Conspicuous among them was the Archdeacon Salutaris and the Dignitary next in rank to him, Muritta, who had each twice previously suffered for Christ.” A.D. 505 is the probable date of the sentence passed on Saint Eugene and his holy companions.

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