Book of Saints – Dorotheus and Gorgonius

statue of Saint Gorgon; date and artist unknown; Saint Gorgon Chapel, Montours, France; photographed on 2 October 2011 by GO69; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

(Saints) Martyrs (September 8) (4th century) Favourites of the Emperor Diocletian and officials of his Court of Nicomedia in Asia Minor, whom he sacrificed to his hatred for the Christian religion, causing them to be put to the torture and eventually hanged (A.D. 303). Eusebius of Csesarea, a contemporary, has left us a detailed and trustworthy account of their sufferings. The body of Saint Gorgonius was translated to Rome under Pope Saint Gregory IV (827-844). Hence it has come about that he is not only registered in the Roman Martyrology, but liturgically commemorated each year.

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