Book of Saints – Donatian – 7 August


DONATIAN (Saint) Bishop (August 7) (Date uncertain) The second Bishop of Chalons-sur-Marne, disciple and successor of Saint Memmius (Menge), the founder of the See, whose deacon he was. Baronius and the old tradition holds that Saint Memmius was sent into Gaul by Saint Peter (A.D. 46) and consequently that Saint Donatian flourished in the first and second centuries of our era. Surius and the moderns substitute Pope Saint Fabian for Saint Peter. Consequently Saint Donatian would have lived in the third century. A Donatian, Bishop of Chalons, assisted at a Council of Cologne A.D. 346. All agree that he was a zealous and able Bishop, but evidently he is other than the Saint of August 7.

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