Book of Saints – Domnio and Others


DOMNIO and OTHERS (Saints) Martyrs (April 11) (1st century) Tradition has it that Saint Domnio, a Syrian, was one of the seventy-two disciples chosen by Christ to go before His Pace (Luke 10:1), and that he came to Rome with Saint Peter; that he was afterwards sent by the Apostle into Dalmatia, where he evangelised the country on the Eastern shores of the Adriatic, and in the end was beheaded by order of the Imperial Prefect, Maurelius, together with eight soldiers, converts made by him. His relics are still honoured at Salona, though the Church of Saint John Lateran in Rome has claimed to possess a large portion of them since the time of Pope John IV (A.D. 641). It appears historically certain that this Pontiff did cause to be brought to Rome the body of a Martyr, Domnio by name.

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