Book of Saints – Domninus, Theotimus, Philotheus, Sylvanus and Others


DOMNINUS, THEOTIMUS, PHILOTHEUS, SYLVANUS and OTHERS (Saints) Martyrs (November 5) (Date uncertain.) This Saint Domninus was a young man said to have been a physician, at first condemned to work in the mines, but afterwards burned to death somewhere in Palestine. Saints Theotinvus and Philotheus appear to have suffered elsewhere and at another time. Saint Sylvanus, a Syrian Bishop, was condemned to the mines together with Saint Domninus, but was martyred much later. A Saint Sylvanus is commemorated as having suffered at Rome on May 5, and it may possibly be he. All these holy men are said to have confessed Christ under the Emperor Maximian. Most authors understand Maximin Daza and date this martyrdom A.D. 310. Surius, however, thinks Maximin the Thracian to be referred to, and dates it A.D. 237 or A.D. 238.

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