Book of Saints – Dominic Loricatus


DOMINIC LORICATUS (Saint) (October 14) (11th century) An Italian Saint, born A.D. 995, and from the outset destined by his parents for the clerical state. To get him ordained they wrongfully made a present to a Bishop and the young priest on becoming aware of this crime of simonv (at that time rife in Italy) devoted himself in atonement to a life of penance. From the circumstance of an iron cuirass worn constantly next his skin having been his chief instrument of self-torture, he acquired the name of Loricatus. He first retired to the solitude of Luceolo, thence passing to Montefeltro in the Apennines, where a certain Abbot John, with eighteen disciples, was leading a terribly austere life. Finally, he entered the monastery of Fonte Avellano, then ruled by the celebrated Saint Peter Damian, where he died A.D. 1060.

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