Book of Saints – Dominic Guzman

portrait of Saint Dominic de Guzman, artist unknown, 14th century; oldest known image of Dominic; Basilica of Saint Dominic, Bologna, Italy; swiped off the Wikipedia web siteArticle

(Saint) (August 4) (13th century) The mother of Saint Dominic, a scion of the illustrious Guzman family, dreamt, before his birth (A.D. 1170) at Calaruega (Old Castile), that she had given life to a dog bearing a lighted torch which was setting the world on fire. Professed as a Canon Regular in the Reformed Chapter of Osma, he helped many Spanish Bishops to restore Ecclesiastical discipline among their clergy. In attendance on his own Bishop, he stayed two years at Montpellier in the South of France, where the immoral heresy of the Albigenses was then at its height and causing tremendous havoc. They were indefatigable in preaching against it, a mission which Saint Dominic continued for eight more years, after the return of the Bishop to Osma. Many were the miracles he worked; numberless the souls he converted; far-reaching the fruit of the Rosary devotion he established. In the end he began his great Order of Preaching Friars, which with that of the Friars Minor, founded by his friend and contemporary, Saint Francis of Assisi, was the chief means employed by Almighty God to renew the fervour of Christians during the later Middle Ages. Popes Innocent III (A.D. 1215) and Honorius III approved and confirmed the new Institutes. To Saint Dominic was allotted in Rome the ancient church of Saint Sixtus for his first convent. He afterwards ceded it to his nuns, the Friars passing to Saint Sabina’s on the Aventine. The Saint next established them at Saint James’s in Paris, returning to Italy in A.D. 1218, and fixing his residence in Bologna, where he died (A.D. 1121), and where his relics are enslirined. In his lifetime he sent missionary Friars to Morocco, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, England (where the convents of Canterbury, London and Oxford date from then) and other countries. Chief among the miracles bearing witness to his sanctity are his having raised more than once the dead to life.

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