Book of Saints – Dioscurus


DIOSCURUS (Saint) Martyr (May 18) (Date unknown) A Lector or Reader in one of the churches of Egypt, who in one of the early persecutions was arrested and subjected as a Christian to exceptionally savage tortures, such as the tearing out of his nails and the burning of his sides with torches. A miraculous intervention — a dazzling beam of light from a quarter of the Heavens opposite to that in which was the sun — is said to have startled his executioners, and to have procured him a brief respite in his agony. In the end he was burned to death by the pressing of his body between red-hot metal plates. This is all that has cone down to our time respecting Saint Dioscurus. Death by laminae, or sheets of hot metal, was an accepted form of execution in Roman times.

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