Book of Saints – Dionysius, Faustus, Caius, Peter, Paul and Others


DIONYSIUS, FAUSTUS, CAIUS (GAIUS), PETER, PAUL and OTHERS (Saints) Martyrs (October 3) (3rd century) To the above should be added the names of Saint Eusebius, Bishop of Laodicea, and of Saint Maximus, successor at Alexandria of Saint Dionysius. By some error these Saints are twice commemorated in the Roman Martyrology, or rather, there is allotted to them taken together this special Feast in addition to that of Saint Dionysius (one and the same with the famous Bishop of Alexandria) on November 17, and to that of Saint Faustus, his deacon, on November 19. Banished in the persecution of Decius (A.D. 250) into Libya, all these Christians were again in a body brought to trial at Alexandria, under Valerian (A.D. 257), on account of their religion. Some of them were, it would seem, stoned to death, and others died in prison. In one of his genuine Epistles, still extant, Saint Dionysius mentions all the above by name as fellow-sufferers with himself. Venerable Bede by mistake confuses this Saint Dionysius or Denis of Alexandria with Denis the Areopagite (Acts 17:34).

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