Book of Saints – Dionysius – 9 October

Saint Dionysius the AeropagiteArticle

(Saint) Bishop, Martyr (October 9) (1st century) This is Denis the Aeropagite, converted by Saint Paul (Acts 17:34), and afterwards first Bishop of Athens. A Greek tradition maintains that he was burned alive under Domitian (A.D. 95). But an opinion strongly held in the Middle Ages, and still ably defended, identifies him with the Saint Denis asserted to have been sent by Pope Saint Clement to evangelize Gaul, and martyred at Paris. His authorship of the wonderful works passing under his name, which have laid the foundation in the West of both Mystical and Scholastic Theology, is equally or even more controverted. It has become usual in modern times to attribute them to an unknown genius of the fourth or fifth century. And doubtless, as we have them, they are seriously interpolated. Whoever be their author, it is scarcely possible (says Baring-Gould) to speak too highly of their value and importance. A confusion of this Saint Denis with his homonym of Alexandria has led Butler, following certain ancient Martyrologies, to assign his festival to October 3.

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