Book of Saints – Desiderius


DESIDERIUS (Saint) Bishop, Martyr (February 11) (7th century) A French Saint, born at Autun and educated at Vienne, who became successively Archdeacon and Bishop of the latter city. The powerful Queen Brunehaut, mother of the weak Thierry III, had him exiled and deposed by a Synod, but four years afterwards, fearing his sanctity and popularity, allowed him to return. On his continuing to urge the reform of the morals of the depraved Court, Brunehaut hired three assassins, who put the holy Bishop to death, while he was visiting his Diocese in the twelfth year of his Episcopate (May 23, A.D. 608, or, according to some historians, A.D. 612), at a place since called Saint Didier (the French form of the name Desiderius) de Chalarone. His relics were enshrined at Vienne (A.D. 620). Saint Desiderius was for his age a distinguished classical scholar. He is one of the Bishops to whose protection Saint Gregory the Great recommended Saint Augustine and his companions journeying on their mission to preach Christianity to the Anglo-Saxons of Britain.

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