Book of Saints – Desiderius of Langres


DESIDERIUS (DIDIER, DIZIER) of LANGRES (Saint) Bishop, Martyr (May 23) (Date uncertain) The traditions concerning this Saint, who was Bishop of Langres in France, are so conflicting that it is now believed that there were two or more of the same name connected with Langres. Surius assigns to Saint Desiderius a date in the third century; and the compilers of the Gallia Christiana one in the fourth; while the common opinion fixes his Martyrdom on May 23, A.D. 411. All agree that, being Bishop of Langres in North-Eastern Gaul, during a raid of Teutonic barbarians, he boldly sought out their chieftain to beg mercy for his flock, but was forthwith himself struck down, his blood staining the Book of the Gospels he held in his hand. With him perished very many of his faithful people. Numerous churches are dedicated in his honour, and from him the town of Saint Dizier takes its name.

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