Book of Saints – Deogratias


DEOGRATIAS (Saint) Bishop (March 12) (5th century) Consecrated to the See of Carthage, A.D. 456, after it had remained vacant for fourteen years on account of the devastating persecution of the Vandal Arians who had driven his predecessor Saint Quodvultdeus into exile. Genseric, the Vandal King, from the plunder of Rome and Italy, having brought many Romans of every condition of life prisoners to Carthage, Saint Deogratias sold all that he or his Church possessed, even the Sacred Vessels of the Altar, to buy them back to liberty. He moreover fed them and housed them, day and night visiting the sick among them. But being already very old he did not resist long the many calls on his endurance, and after only one year of such strenuous pastoral labours, died A.D. 457. Victor Vitensis, the historian, writing a century later, enlarges on his merits and holiness.

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