Book of Saints – David – 29 December


DAVID (Saint) King. Prophet. (December 29) (10th century B.C.) In the First and Second Books of Kings, and in Parallepomenon, or Chronicles, are related all the facts which God has been pleased to reveal to us concerning this man “after His own Heart.” The Book of Psalms almost in its entirety is by Holy Church attributed to him, “the sweet singer in Israel.” The tomb of David was recognised in Jerusalem as late as the second century of our iEra, when Hadrian destroyed, or rather attempted to destroy it, as it is still pointed out. Josephus narrates the miracles worked thereat, especially on the occasion of the pillage attempted by Herod. Eusebius refers to the endeavours of Vespasian to uproot the House of David, of whom the descendants were in his time in great consideration among the Jews. The Greeks keep the Feast of Saint David together with all the other Saints, ancestors of Our Blessed Lord, on December 19. The reason of the choice of December 29 by the Latins lies probably in their traditional reluctance to celebrate the Offices of Saints during the week preceding Christmas Day.

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