Book of Saints – David – 1 March


DAVID (Saint) Bishop (March 1) (6th century) The Patron Saint of Wales and perhaps the most illustrious of the ancient British Bishops. His life by Giraldus Cambrcnsis is very unreliable, and the traditions concerning him are the subject of much merited criticism. The Breviary approved lessons describe him as born of noble parents in South Wales and educated by Saint Paulinus, the disciple of Saint Germanus of Auxerre. Later, he was a strenuous opposer of the Pelagian heresy, and the founder of the See of Saint David’s or Menevia. Thither, when appointed successor of Saint Dubritius, he transferred the chief Welsh Bishopric from Caorleon. He is said to have been zealous for good discipline among both clergy and laity, and to have presided over the Synod of Brewi. The middle of the sixth century is rightly given as the time of his death, that of A.D. 601, adopted by Haddan and Stubbs from the Annales Cambrenses being clearly impossible. In art Saint David is often represented preaching on a hill with a dove resting on his shoulder.

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