Book of Saints – Dafrosa


DAFROSA (AFFROSA) (Saint) Martyr (January 4) (4th century) The wife of Fabian (Flavian) also a Martyr, and the mother of Saints Bibiana and Demetria, Virgin Martyrs. After the death of her husband some writers say that she herself was decapitated (A.D. 363). Others with better reason that she was exiled and succeeded in converting to Christianity and animating to martyrdom a certain Faustus who pretended to her hand, and who may be the Saint of that name venerated with others on June 24. But it is admitted that the Acts of Saint Bibiana are untrustworthy, and that she and the other Saints referred to therein may have flourished a century earlier than the date given. The name Dafrosa is often written, and more correctly Daphrosa.

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