Book of Saints – Cyrio, Bassianus, Agatho and Moses


CYRIO, BASSIANUS, AGATHO and MOSES (Saints) Martyrs (February 14) (Date uncertain.) Bede and all the Martyrologies commemorate these Saints as having suffered at Alexandria in Egypt. Saint Cyrio was a priest, Saint Bassian a Lector, Saint Agatho an Exorcist, and Saint Moses a layman. It would appear that on February 14 the Church of Alexandria celebrated, besides, the Martyrdom of a great number of Christians, probably done to death in a single massacre, distinguishing them into various groups according to the nature of the sufferings they endured. Saint Cyrio and his companions as above perished at the stake. Saint Bassus with many others were drowned, Saints Dionysius and Ammonius were beheaded.

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