Book of Saints – Crispin and Crispinian

Pictorial Lives of the Saints: Saint Crispin and Saint Crispinian, MartyrsArticle

(Saints) Martyrs (October 25) (3rd century) Shoemakers by trade, victims of the great persecution under Diocletian. They were beheaded because of their religion at Soissons in France, A.D. 287. They were in great popular veneration throughout the Middle Ages (see in this connection Shakspeare’s Henry V, Act. IV, Scene II); but the adoption of the Roman Calendar in which October 25 (their day), is occupied by the Feast of the Martyrs Saints Chrysanthus and Darias, has caused the liturgical keeping of their festival to fall into desuetude. They are the recognised Patron Saints of shoemakers, and are often represented with the tools of their trade or with strips of leather in their hands. Some of their relics are in Rome, and a noble church was erected at Soissons in their honour.

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