Book of Saints – Columbanus

detail of a 19th century stained glass window of Saint Columban, date unknown, artist unknown; Bobbio Abbey, Piacenza, Emilia-Romagna, Italy; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

COLUMBANUS (Saint) Abbot (November 21) (7th century) Born in Leinster about A.D. 545, he learned the monastic life under Saint Comgall in the latter’s famous monastery of Benchor. Thence, with several companions, he proceeded to Britain and Gaul. His first great foundation was that of the Abbey of Luxeuil, over which he presided for twenty-five years, writing there his Rule for Monks, of which the characteristic is its extreme severity. In disfavour with Queen Brunechilde, he departed from her dominions and, leaving his disciple Saint Gall in Switzerland, where he had built some monasteries, crossed the Alps and settled at Bobbio in the North of Italy He died there A.D. 615. He was a man of great ability, as his writings show, and rendered many services to the Church, but his mistaken zeal for the Celtic date of Easter and the ill-advised letter he wrote to Pope Saint Boniface IV against Pope Vigilius,and upholding the so-called “Three Chapters” rejected by the Church, has unfortunately served as a weapon against her in the hands of Protestants.

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