Book of Saints – Clotilde

detail of a statue of Sainte Clotilde, Notre-Dame de Corbeil, France, artist unknown, photographer unknown; swiped off WikipediaArticle

(Saint) Queen, Widow (June 3) (6th century) The daughter of Chilperic, King of Burgundy, and the wife of Clovis, first Christian King of the Franks, thus becoming the ancestress of the Merovingian monarchs of France. She espoused Clovis whilst he was still a Pagan, and was the means of leading him to the knowledge of the true Faith, which he embraced after his miraculous victory at Soissons over the Alamanni (A.D. 496). After the death of her husband, Saint Clotilde retired to Tours, to the tomb of Saint Martin, devoting herself to works of charity and piety until her holy death, A.D. 545. She was buried by the side of Clovis in the church of Saint Genevieve at Paris. Her name is found written Crotildes, Croctild, Clotichilda, Hlotild, etc.

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