Book of Saints – Clarus – 4 November


CLARUS (CLAIR) (Saint) Martyr (November 4) (Date uncertain.) Traditionally described as an Englishman of noble birth, born at Rochester, who after having been ordained priest, passed into Normandy, where in a hermitage not far from Rouen he lived a saintly life crowned by a martyr’s death, he having been assassinated at the instigation of a high-born lady whose advances he had repulsed. It is impossible to assign to him any date. The limits given by the English Menology, A.D. 666-A.D. 894, must suffice. The insertion of his name in the Roman Martyrology is due to Usuardus (9th century). Saint Clair was much venerated in the Middle Ages. Towns in France bear his name, which gave rise to such English patronymics as Sinclair and the like. It seems that there was another Saint Clarus who also nourished in Normandy in the Middle Ages, and may perhaps be the Saint registered in the Roman Martyrology; but the history of the one and the other is now so confused that we forbear to note him separately.

MLA Citation

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