Book of Saints – Christopher

detail of a stained glass window of Saint Christopher by Ott Frères, 1911; church of Saint Laurent, Verrière, France; photographed in 2012 by Ralph Hammann; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

(Christobal, Kester, Kitt, Christoval) (Saint) Martyr (July 25) (3rd century) A convert to Christianity, baptised by Saint Babylas of Antioch, and put to death for the Faith in the persecution ordered by the Emperor Decius (A.D. 250). Saint Christopher suffered somewhere in the Province of Lycia in Asia Minor. He was a popular Saint during the Middle Ages, and around his memory have grown up many legends, the most beautiful of which is that of his carrying an unknown child across a ford, and being borne down by its weight, despite his own gigantic stature and great strength; for the child was Christ, carry- ing in His Hands the weight of the whole world. A belief that whoso looked upon the face of Saint Christopher should not that day be struck down by sudden death, led to the frequent picturing of Saint Christopher (the Christ-Bearer) in churches, over city-gates, etc. The Greeks keep his Feast on May 9.

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