Book of Saints – Christina – 24 July – Rome


CHRISTINA (Saint) Virgin Martyr (July 24) (Date unknown) A Roman maiden who, believing in Christ, is said to have broken up her father’s idols of gold and silver, and given the proceeds of their sale to the poor, to have been on that account scourged by him, and being brought before the magistrate, to have bravely endured unheard-of tortures before being put to death. The place of her Passion is certainly the Lacus Vulsinus (Lago di Bolsena) in Tuscany not Tyre in the East, as has been conjectured; but its date is unknown. Husenbeth gives no less than eleven emblems distinguishing Saint Christina’s pictures and statues from those of other Saints. Arrows carried in her hand are the most usual.

MLA Citation

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