Book of Saints – Castrensis

Saint Castrensis of CapuaArticle

(Saint) Bishop (February 11) (5th century) One of the Catholic Bishops banished from Africa in the fifth century by the Arian Vandals. Landing in Italy, he became Bishop of Capua, or at least worked as a Bishop in that Diocese. Part of his relics are at Capua and part at Monreale in Sicily. There is much dispute as to precise dates. Some would have him to be identical with Priscus, Episcopus Castrensis, who died A.D. 459, and is venerated on September 1. Others put his exile under Thrasimund between the years 496 and 522. There was a Candidianus, Bishop of Castra, banished from Africa in the year 484. He would have been styled Episcopus Castrensis, and it is not impossible that he may be the Saint “Castrensis”of the Martyrologies.

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