Book of Saints – Bernardine of Siena

detail from 'Saint Bernardino' by El Greco, 1603, oil on canvas, Museo del Greco, Toledo, SpainArticle

(Saint) (May 20) (15th century) Born at Massa of the noble family of the Albizeschi of Siena (A.D. 1380), after spending himself in the service of the sick in the public hospitals, he entered the Franciscan Order, which he illustrated by his religious fervour. Famous for his devotion to our Blessed Lady, the Feast of whose Nativity was the date of his own birth, of his religious profession, of his first Mass and of his first sermon, he successively refused the Bishoprics of Siena, of Ferrara and of Urbino. But, elected Vicar-General of his Order, he was the author of a great reform among its members. He died at Aquila in the south of Italy (A.D. 1444) and was canonised five years after his death by Pope Nicholas Virgin He has left many valuable ascetic writings, and instituted or propagated the cultus of the Holy Name of Jesus. In art, he is usually represented in the Franciscan habit, holding to his breast the monogram IHS (the three first letters of the Greek form of that Most Holy name), with a mitre at his feet. He is also pictured with the Infant Jesus in his arms.

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