Book of Saints – Bernard – 4 December


BERNARD (Saint) Bishop (December 4) (12th century) A Florentine of the noble family of the Uberti, who sacrificed a brilliant career to become a poor monk of the Order of Vallombrosa, in its monastery of San Salvio. So remarkable was he, however, not only for sanctity, but for intellectual ability and skill in business, that he was chosen as Abbot General of his Order, and later created Cardinal by Pope Urban II, who again and again employed him as his Legate. He was indefatigable in putting down simony, at that period rife in Italy. Consecrated Bishop of Parma (A.D. 1106) by Pope Paschal II, he died (A.D. 1132) after an Episcopate singularly distinguished by his success in promoting Christian piety. He is said to have steadfastly continued the austerities practised in his Order to the very day of his death.

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