Book of Saints – Benedict of Aniana


BENEDICT of ANIANA (Saint) Abbot. (February 11) (9th century) Born in Languedoc in the eighth century, he has been styled “the second Benedict” and “the second father of monasticism in the West.” He laboured all his lifelong for the good of the Church, especially in France. Leaving the Court of Charlemagne, he entered the monastery of Saint Seine in a forest of Burgundy; but on being chosen Abbot there, fled to his native province and built himself a cell in the gorge of the stream Aniane (Corbieres, where afterwards arose the famous Abbey of Saint Sauveivr). Later he passed to the neighbourhood of Aix-la-Chapelle, where, on the banks of the river Inde, the Emperor Louis le Debonnaire built for him the great Abbey known as Cornelius-Munster. He attended the Councils of Aries (A.D. 813) and of Aix-la-Chapelle (A.D. 817), over the latter of which he presided. He died and was buried at Inde (A.D. 821). His writings comprise a Code of Monastic Rules, some Homilies and a Penitential. In art, he is often represented in the act of clothing Saint William of Aquitaine with the monastic habit.

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