Book of Saints – Bathilde


BATHILDE (Saint) Widow. (January 26) (7th century) An accredited tradition tells us that she was an Anglo-Saxon princess or lady of high degree who, carried off from her native shores, became a slave in the family of the Mayor of the Palace, the highest official of the Frankish Merovingian Court. Espoused by King Clovis II, she became the mother of his successors, Clothaire III, Childeric II, and Thierry III, and on the death of her husband was made Regent of his kingdom. She re-founded Saint Clotilde’s Abbey of Chelles, whither she retired when no longer required to govern for her sons, and where she died A.D. 680. Generous and kind to all, she was a veritable mother to the poor. On her deathbed a vision of Angels summoned her to mount by a shining ladder to Paradise. Artists represent her in a nun’s habit, but wearing a Royal crown.

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